Risk/Reward Calculator

Just a simple risk reward calculator to help indicate the R:R levels of your risk on a trade. The drawing tool doesn't have multiple R capabilities.
リリースノート: If user puts in their basis points commission rate, the calculator will now automatically calculate their R (risk) in net (inclusive of comms).
If user doesn't put in their commission rate, then it will just take the stop loss amount as the total R.
リリースノート: Had incorrect calculation in recent update. Have fixed this now

The calculator will now provide a gross R:R calculator if there is no commission input (left at 0)

The calculator will provide a net R:R if commission is included, and net risk will be auto calculated based on the entry price.
Your commission amount is dependent on your entry price, it is a rough estimation and is only accurate if entry and exit price are identical. Outside of this the R:R calculator is a rough estimation.
リリースノート: missing a '/100' on reward plot line 9
リリースノート: updated labels to present correct price too
リリースノート: Changed the stop loss to be a price instead of distance, so that working out for user is faster.
Added in a breakeven line as well depending on users commission.
リリースノート: Updated the reward levels to start from break even, rather than entry, that way your profit is net, and can be calculated by the R amount.
リリースノート: Added in more Reward levels (up to 20) for those multi-baggers.

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