Dynamic GANN Square Of 9 Bands

Dynamic GANN Square Of 9 Bands
Created on 3 Sept 2023

Adjust Increment Value:
  • Customize increment to match symbol and price characteristics for accuracy.

Green Line:
  • 200 EMA. Identifies trend direction; moves with the prevailing trend.

Red Lines:
  • Mark prominent reversal levels closer to the red range; ideal for mean reversion strategies.
  • Crossing red levels may indicate trend continuation to the next red level.

Grey Lines:
  • Show immediate target reversal levels; watch for potential reversals.

Key Features:
  • Levels are different from Standard Deviation Lines.
  • Levels remain fixed and parallel, unaffected by volatility.
  • Despite its dynamism, it can serve as a leading indicator, revealing potential trend changes.
  • Primarily designed for trend-following strategies.

Additional Tips:
  • Use additional confirmations
  • Manage predefined risk and quantity

Additional Resources:
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