Doji detector

Doji detector marks doji candles.

Can find:

- short / long Doji star ( marks as Doji star )
- Doji grave
- Doji dragonfly
Mar 24
リリースノート: Proportion variables added which can be modified
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Hey great stuff! been using it for awhile. Is there a way to add alert on the detector?
RomanLosev marcusschua
@marcusschua, thanks. code is open, you can try to create study script with plot on doji value is true
marcusschua RomanLosev
@RomanLosev, tried everything i could, managed to add alertcondition () based on true. However, it does not work well as it will be alerted even when no DOJI has been formed. Appreciate if you can assist, thanks!
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