Auxiliary Equity Configurator (AXE)

Auxiliary Equity Configurator (AXE) is a whole new level money management auxiliary that calculates statistically preferable lot based on the Account balance, Winning rate, Risk reward ratio, and Kelly multiplier configured a priori in the input panel.

On the chart, RR visualization bands, Expected balance history matrix in the worst successive trading loss (for displaying how many times you can trade with a given lot at simple/compound interest), and Info-table for the calculation details are shown.

Regarding RR visualization bands, whenever the Tolerable drawback input changes, the proper lot is calculated based on the given data. You can easily access how many lots you should possess and the take-profit/stop-loss price to set. A tolerable drawback can be placed in the quoted currency rate of the displayed chart, except the forex and part of CFD symbols ( Gold , Silver , Platinum , WTI oil , Brent oil , Natural gas , and more in the future!) that is valued in Pips. Parameters are configurable in suit with the broker you are using. Also, RR visualization bands are brilliantly interactive, thanks to pine v5 interactive scripts.

The currency for Account balance and Tolerable drawback is automatically converted to USD for internal calculation; therefore, no mess-ups around thinking currency value conversion whatsoever! The design for each tool is highly customizable, too.

Unleash yourself from consuming the colossal amount of time thinking of money management with AXE!
リリースノート: Added Ask/Bid Spread function to show spreads based on the input value.
Added Specific Symbol/Type input to switch indicator's visibility based on the chosen symbol/type.
リリースノート: UI/UX update: Added tooltips for better user experience
リリースノート: UI/UX update: Added parameters to show/hide ask/bid label ...and more!
リリースノート: UI/UX Update: added confirm input and more!
リリースノート: UI/UX update for default value settings
リリースノート: Bug Fix Update: omitted external import function
リリースノート: UI/UX Update: added p/l text color input. String input for AssetCurrency, OnlyInSpecificAsset, OnlyInSpecificSymbol is now automatically converted into upper_case.
Bug Fixes.
リリースノート: Debugs: removed line duplications when candles are updated
リリースノート: Bug Fix Update: fixed the bug that does not show infoTable and assetTable in particular resolution
リリースノート: Bug Fix Update: minor bugfixes.
リリースノート: Bug Fix Update: occurrence of Table cell duplication is now fixed
リリースノート: Bug Fix Update: Seamless Visibility are now fully supported.
リリースノート: Big Fix Update: request error at USDUSD is resolved
リリースノート: AXE Update: Input for Leverage has been added. Now you can see whether the margin required (calculated by lot and leverage) is within your account balance!
リリースノート: v2.0.0 AXE Update
Now Everything is Interactive!
Ruin rate was newly supported.
リリースノート: AXE Update: added version info
リリースノート: AXE v2.1.1 released
UI/UX, Bug Fix Update


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