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IACTC Tradehist

IACTC Tradehist designed to make simple when to take decision to sell or buy, especially for a nubie. I present this script for all Indonesian AltCoin Trader Community. For detail please visit us at https://t.me/IACTC or @IACTC from Telegram apps. If this tools (all of parts IACTC tools) usefull and make profit for u, please be kindness to support us for next ...

SUNPHARMA: Price Wave V.1.0
88 2 12
Price Wave V.1.0

The Price Wave Indicator is very good add-on to the Volume wave which is an important tool in the Wyckoffian Analysis of the stocks. Along with the Volume wave it helps to understand the effort and result ratios and the consequent effect on the stocks. It has to be used in conjunction with the Volume wave and not useful on a standalone basis

SUNPHARMA: Volume Wave V.1.0
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Volume Wave V.1.0

Volume wave Indicator is an important tool in the Wyckoffian Analysis of the stocks. It helps to understand the changing / continuation of bullish and bearish sentiment or the Buying and selling pressure. It also helps to understanding the waxing and waning buying and selling pressure and forewarns the changing sentiment. Along with the Price wave it helps to ...

EURUSD: [RS]Volume Price Change
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[RS]Volume Price Change

EXPERIMENTAL calculates, price change * volume over a specific time window. It reflects trend, momentum and volume participation. It can be used to find divergences.

GER30: PRO Momentum
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PRO Momentum

[---> ZOOM IN THE CHART TO GET BETTER SIGHT ! <--- or look at the picture version if render is messy : https://fr.tradingview.com/x/WRRVGBRH/ (INVITE ONLY indicator. Access to all my indicators for a symbolic 1€/day subscription + FREE WEEK TRIAL) Please don't post comment to ask for unlock... if you want to try it out, simply follow the link at the bottom and ...

USDWTI: Double RSI with stochastic Strategy (by Zhipengcfel)
243 8 9
Double RSI with stochastic Strategy (by Zhipengcfel)

Updates: Optimized the pyramiding parameter. Strategy.entry function to place orders. Strategy.oca.reduce group was used to reduce risk. The return was increased and the maxdrowdown did not rise too much comparing before. Need to do: When stop level was triggered, it will not close all positions but only the eraliest position. I will update it to close all ...

BTCUSD: Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]
136188 167 15262
Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]

Fixed a typo in the code where BB multiplier was stuck at 1.5. Thanks @ucsgears for bringing it to my notice. Updated source: http://pastebin.com/UCpcX8d7 Use the updated source instead of the what TV shows below. This is a derivative of John Carter's "TTM Squeeze" volatility indicator, as discussed in his book "Mastering the Trade" (chapter 11). Black ...

EURUSD: Vdub Binary Options SniperVX  v1
94726 97 8422
Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1

Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1 Designed for Binary Options 60 sec trading upwards Notes on chart Please note the signal generated are configure to be super fast on candle opening. The down side to this is signals may switch direction mid stream. ITM candlesticks signals generated went 6/300 Losses on a 1 min chart. the blue line indicates reversal zones. Buy / ...

USDWTI: Double RSI stochastic adding position strategy (by Zhipengcfel)
45 0 1
Double RSI stochastic adding position strategy (by Zhipengcfel)

Updates: Change strategy.entry to strategy.order function to place orders. Changed strategy.oca.reduce to strategy.oca.none group. Results: The rewards are higher than strategy.entry with pyramiding parameter but the max drawdown goes higher too. Next step: Try to reduce max drawdown with risk management. Due to it is still in development and optimisation, I am ...

SPY: CM_Williams_Vix_Fix  Finds Market Bottoms
83356 179 12373
CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms

Larry Williams Developed This Incredible Indicator. It Gives The Same Readings The VIX does for Stock Index’s…But This Indicator Works on All Asset Classes. I Customized The Settings Slightly To Create “Percentile” Based Highlight Bars…So You May Need To Adjust Slightly For Your Asset Class. These Are The Standard Settings Shown Here. Designed For Daily ...

EURGBP: Bina Sniper Panda - (Strong Only) v 1.0
81 0 3
Bina Sniper Panda - (Strong Only) v 1.0

Bina Sniper Panda - (Strong Only) v 1.0

BTCUSD: Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]
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Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]

WaveTrend Oscillator is a port of a famous TS/MT indicator. More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vhIsk51_Ro When the oscillator is above the overbought band (red lines) and crosses down the signal (dotted line), it is usually a good SELL signal. Similarly, when the oscillator crosses above the signal when below the Oversold band (green lines), it is a good ...

EURUSD: Daijyunkan MACD V2
757 2 622
Daijyunkan MACD V2

Daijyunkan MACD V2 Kojiro Koushi http://kojirokousi.com/

EURUSD: Daijyunkan EMA V2
561 4 608
Daijyunkan EMA V2

Daijyunkan EMA V2 Kojiro Koushi http://kojirokousi.com/

AAPL: MacD Custom Indicator-Multiple Time Frame+All Available Options!
24710 73 5604
MacD Custom Indicator-Multiple Time Frame+All Available Options!

This MacD Indicator has every feature available. See First Post for Details.

SPX500: Bollinger + RSI, Double Strategy (by ChartArt) v1.1
17365 27 2383
Bollinger + RSI, Double Strategy (by ChartArt) v1.1

This strategy uses the RSI indicator together with the Bollinger Bands to sell when the price is above the upper Bollinger Band (and to buy when this value is below the lower band). This simple strategy only triggers when both the RSI and the Bollinger Band indicators are at the same time in a overbought or oversold condition. UPDATE In this updated version 1.1 ...

XAUUSD: Ultimate Moving Average-Multi-TimeFrame-7 MA Types
27999 26 7258
Ultimate Moving Average-Multi-TimeFrame-7 MA Types

All Moving Averages and Features Built In To ONE Indicator. The Only Moving Average Indicator You Will Need. Details In 1st Post.

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