WILDER's RSI Back-calculation

■Purpose of this script
Back-calculate the stock price based on WILDER's RSI* formula.
*Relative Strength Index

■Logic Overview
This time, RSI calculation formula by WILDER is adopted. WILDER's formula is generally used.

Unlike Cutler's RSI, which is calculated from the ratio of the simple sum of price increases and decreases, this formula uses a modified moving average.

Therefore, more weight is placed on recent stock price.

This script back-calculates future stock prices from past stock price data and set RSI values.

Therefore, you can receive the offer of the buy price in the oversold phase and the offer of the sell price in the overbought phase with reference to the RSI index.

■How to use
Enter the following on the parameters input screen
Sauce (usually close)
Reference period(14 is optimal by J.W. Wilder)

Base Date(usually 100)

RSI target value (Generally, buy below 30 and sell above 70)

When to ask for stock price (After the latest bar closing price is decided: next. The latest bar is moving: current.)
For example, when selecting a daily chart, before trading hours: , during trading hours:
when selecting a weekly chart, the closing price is not fixed, for example on Wednesday: