Momentum ZigZag

Territories & Momentum

Territories:overall Bullish , overall Bearish , minor Bullish , minor Bearish

Definition of trend:
BULL - consecutive HIGHER HIGH and HIGHER LOW, once NO NEW HIGHER HIGHS is formed, doesn't mean its automatically BEARISH ; Once HIGHER LOW is BROKEN and PRICE forms LOWER LOW and LOWE HIGH bellow previous HIGHER LOW its officially BEAR TREND

BEAR - consecutive LOWR LOW and LOWER LOW, once NO NEW LOWER LOW is formed, doesn't mean its automatically BULLISH ; Once LOWER HIGH is BROKEN and PRICE forms HIGHER HIGH above previous HIGH its officially BULL TREND

Minor territory is shorter trend within overall trend: as Long as overall trend is not broken , it is bound to continue once minor territory gets broken

MOMENTUM - its is the motion of trend, and character of condition

Momentum is not Strategy alone, it is part of technical analysis

momentum is used to determent : current conditions (trend , range , channel ) heath and strength

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