SuperIchi [LuxAlgo]

Using one indicator as the core for another one to improve certain aspects while offering an alternative user interaction can be very interesting in technical analysis .

This indicator is a modification of the popular Ichimoku indicator using the equally popular Supertrend indicator as its core, thus no longer entirely relying on calculations done over a fixed window size but instead relying on the average true range and the trend detection method offered by the Supertrend.


  • Tenkan: Atr length (left) and factor (right) used for the Supertrend involved in the calculations of the Tenkan Ichimoku component
  • Kijun: Atr length (left) and factor (right) used for the Supertrend involved in the calculations of the Kijun Ichimoku component
  • Senkou Span B: Atr length (left) and factor (right) used for the Supertrend involved in the calculations of the second Senkou Span Ichimoku component
  • Displacement: Bar offset of the cloud (positive offset) and Chikou (negative offset)


The SuperIchi indicator can be interpreted similarly to a regular Ichimoku as it retains the components and aspects from this one. Users can make use of the Supertrend Factor to detect shorter or longer-term trends.

Unlike the regular components of the Ichimoku based on rolling maximums/minimums, using the Supertrend here allows smoother components and makes it less prone to whipsaw signals.

Note that the Chikou is disabled by default in the style settings


The original Ichimoku indicator is constructed from the average between the rolling maximum high and minimum low values. The Supertrend indicator also relies on one upper/lower extremity but using the average of these extremities for the modification of the Ichimoku indicator might not provide easy to use results due to the nature of these extremities.

Instead, we compute the average between the Supertrend and trailing maximums/minimums with a value reset when a new trend is detected by the Supertrend. This allows obtaining a result that is closer to the original average used by Ichimoku .
Minor changes.

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