twisted SMA strategy [4h]


I would like to introduce a very simple strategy that uses a combination of 3 simple moving averages ( SMA 4 , SMA 9 , SMA 18 )
this is a classic combination showing the most probable trend directions
Crosses were marked on the basis of the color of the candles (bulish cross - blue / bearish cross - maroon)

ma 100 was used to determine the main trend, which is one of the most popular 4-hour candles
We define main trend while price crosses SMA100 ( for bullish trend I use green candle color )

The long position strategy was created in combination of 3 moving averages with Kaufman's adaptive moving average by alexgrover

The strategy is very accurate and is easy to use indicators

the strategy uses only Buy (Long) signals in a combination of crossovers of the SMA 4, SMA 9, SMA 18 and the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average.
As a signal to close a long position, only the opposite signal of the intersection of 3 different moving averages is used

the current strategy is recommended for higher time zones (4h +) due to the strength of the closing candles, which translates into signal strength
works fascinatingly well for long-term bullish market assets (for example 4h Apple, Tesla charts)

Enjoy and trade safe ;)


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