Fusion: ATR Ranging using Percentile

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A simple (but improved on my first attempt) way to determine a ranging market.

The defaults are for a specific use of my own so by no means feel a need to use them, adjust as needed.

By default this sits on the main chart however if you want to see the lines behind the result make a copy and put the copy on it's own chart and then just check the "Show ATR" and "Show PLI" (Percentile Linear Interpolation) flags.

There is no reason for using a Hull MA over any other except that it's a preference of mine, that is, it's not for some magical reason I figured out. That said, the Hull is perhaps my favorite because of what I learned about it after quite a bit of research so take that as you will.

Credit to: "Hull Suite by InSilico" from which I used the HMAs.

The code is structured to easily drop into bigger system so use as a lone indicator or add to some bigger project you are creating. If you do add this to a bigger system please drop me a note as it's nice to know your system is being used in something greater.

Finally, if you find value please do make a comment, give thumbs up etc.

Enjoy and good luck!
Minor bug fix.
Various code updates but no functional change.
Set the two lengths to the same otherwise back testing and forward testing can get out of sync.
Removed THEMA which can cause errors and never seems to be used.

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