RSI Multi Time Frame

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Hello Traders,

Recently we got new features in Pine such Arrays of Lines, Labels and Strings. Thanks to the Pine Team! (here)

So I decided to make new style of Multi Time Frame indicator and I used Array of Lines in this script. here it is, RSI Multi Time Frame script. it shows RSI for current time frame as it is and also it gets RSI for the Higher Time Frame and converts it and shows it as in time frame. as you can see, RSI for HTF moves to the right on each candle until higher time frame was completed.

You have color and line width options for both RSI , also if you want you can limit the number of bars to show higher time frame RSI by the option "Number of Bars for RSI HTF", following example show RSI HTF for 100 bars.

Most of you know that old style Multi Time Frames indicators was like:

Hope you like this new Multi time frame style ;)


Added Auto Higher Time Frame Option. Now the script can choose Higher Time Frame automatically or you can set it manually.
added color for background. code improved


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