[WJ] - ADX v2 [DMI, Alerts, Histogram, Customizable]

A handy all-in-one package for DMI and ADX

Color-coordinated line for DMI with an EMA and histogram to gauge momentum, mark potential reversals, and quickly gather all the information you need to make your decisions.

Quick take-aways:

- Color of the ADX line indicates the current trend
- An ADX below the EMA indicates a potentially falling/reversing trend
- Customizable line w/ alerts for ADX crossovers
- Histogram to help catch potential reversals faster, and to gauge the momentum

Please let me know what you think, and in any features you think would increase the effectiveness of this amazing tool.
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greak indicators and thanks
can you the source code for this so that i would like apply on my charts
please explain the usage of this indicator
woodyjohnson kolaprasad2014

This is the DMI/ADX Indicator but with an attached EMA and Histogram to provide deeper information at a faster rate to digest and make any action.
can you please add filtered arrows as entry and exit signals
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