Exponentially Deviating Moving Average (MZ EDMA)

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Exponentially Deviating Moving Average (MZ EDMA) is derived from Exponential Moving Average to predict better exit in top reversal case.

EDMA Philosophy
EDMA is calculated in following steps:
  • In first step, Exponentially expanding moving line is calculated with same code as of EMA but with different smoothness (1 instead of 2).
  • In 2nd step, Exponentially contracting moving line is calculated using 1st calculated line as source input and also using same code as of EMA but with different smoothness (1 instead of 2).
  • In 3rd step, Hull Moving Average with 3/2 of EDMA length is calculated using final line as source input. This final HMA will be equal to Exponentially Deviating Moving Average.
EDMA Advantages
  • EDMA's main advantage is that in case of top price reversal it deviates from conventional EMA of 2*Length. This benefits in using EDMA for EMA cross with quick signals avoiding unnecessary crossovers. EDMA's deviation in case of top reversal can be seen as below:
  • EDMA presents better smoothened curve which acts as better Support and resistance. EDMA coparison with conventional EMA of 2*length of EDMA is as follows.
Additional Features
  • EMA Band: EMA band is shown on chart to better visualize EMA cross with EDMA.
  • Dynamic Coloring: Chikou Filter library is used for derivation of dynamic coloring of EDMA and its band.
  • Alerts: Alerts are provided of all trade signals. Weak buy/sell would trigger if EMA of 2*EDMA_length crosses EDMA. Strong buy/sell would trigger if EMA of same length as of EDMA crosses EDMA.
  • Trade Confirmation with Chikou Filter: Trend filteration from Chikou filter library is used as an option to enhance trades signals accuracy.
Currently default EDMA and EMA1 length is set to 20 period which I've found better for higher timeframes but this can be adjusted according to user's timeframe. I would soon add Multi Timeframe option in script too. Chikou filter's period is set to 25.
Corrected length info panel function


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