Classic Long Term Trend Following System

This is a classic long term trend following system.

The breakout period is 50 days instead of 20 and the moving average crossover are 40 and 120.

The moving averages are also exponential instead of simple.

The stoploss is 4 ATRs away from the price.

Donchian Channels settings > 50 days
Moving Averages > 40 and 120, 80 and 140

Important to note:
My first strategy, DC Breakout System | This is simplicity at its finest, is best used on the crypto market and this one for stocks, commodities , currencies, etc. Those markets tend to trend a lot longer than crypto do.
リリースノート: Replaced the multiplier in the position size formula with syminfo.pointvalue in order to get a more accurate position size.
リリースノート: Reverted the pyramiding setting from 4 back to 1 to keep the system simple and the max drawdown low.
Added a visual ATR trailing stop, so you know where to put your stoploss.
リリースノート: Adjusted the position size formula.
Improved the stoploss multiplier.

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