The Multi-day Central Pivot Range

The indicator is a Multi-day CPR .

It shows CPR range as per yesterday's HLC and also CPR range for last n number of trading sessions.
For example: If you mention the value as two in Multi-day CPR (blue color) then it calculates the CPR using HLC of the last two trading sessions.

Also, the daily CPR is designed in such a way to highlight Virgin CPR (purple color) separately from the normal CPR(fuchsia color).
Nov 29
リリースノート: Now it also has "developing CPR", which shows the CPR based on today's HLC with intraday time-frame charts. It will be dynamic rather than static. It will be be useful to trail your stop loss.
Dec 01
リリースノート: Similar to developing CPR, we have multi-day developing CPR which shows the CPR based on high/lows of last n number of trading sessions with current candle's C in intraday time-frame charts.
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HI @ThePivotTrader,

Thanks for all the efforts you have put in here.
Can you also please make a video or a short writeup on the strategy? if would help every beginners like me to CPR strategy.

Thanks and much Respect for you.
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ThePivotTrader 540f1bd286704f5785c3c62702d66c
@540f1bd286704f5785c3c62702d66c, Hi you can check out the below links who have already made good videos about CPR.

Hope it helps. Sorry for the delay.
many thanks ..
@avlar, you are welcome

the developing cpr is great , just looked at it.

would it be possible to develop the multi day cpr also on the same lines as developing cpr, i.e as a running dynamic line instead of a static line.

would really appreciate the effort and thanks in advance

@shilpa096, I will try to do it and let you know.
@shilpa096, It is updated. Please check it as i was not able to check in detail.
shilpa096 ThePivotTrader
@ThePivotTrader, hi,

thanks for the effort

its great.
hi ,

great indicator.

was wondering if this can be developed as a running average like a moving average line .

would really appreciate the effort.

@shilpa096, Please select developing cpr to view the same.
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