Trend Reversal Detection

Introducing the "Trend Reversal Detection" indicator, a sophisticated and user-friendly script that utilizes the PeacefulIndicators library to identify potential trend reversals in the market. This indicator is designed to help you stay ahead of market changes and enhance your trading analysis.

The Trend Reversal Detection indicator offers the following features:

Customizable input parameters, allowing you to adjust the Rate of Change (ROC) length, Moving Average (MA) length, and MA type (SMA, EMA, or WMA) according to your trading preferences and style.

A visually intuitive display, using orange and blue markers to indicate potential trend reversals, making it easy to interpret the indicator's signals.

The core functionality of the Trend Reversal Detection indicator is powered by the trendReversalDetection function from the PeacefulIndicators library, ensuring accurate and reliable reversal detection.

To start using the Trend Reversal Detection indicator in your trading analysis, simply add the script to your chart and customize the input parameters as needed. We hope this script, built upon the PeacefulIndicators library, proves to be a valuable addition to your trading strategy.


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