Multi EMA with labels (Any timeframe)

chipmonk アップデート済   
This script lets you add up to 8 EMAs (Exponential Moving Averages) that can be set to any timeframe and length. The difference between this and other EMA indicators is that it has a simple label attached to each EMA showing which timeframe it belongs to and what length it is, so you can get that information at a glance while trading without having to remember the specific settings for each EMA.

I was personally looking for something like this because I like clarity on my chart and these labels really help. The existing EMA indicators I found with labels don't support multiple timesframes or if they do, they don't include the timeframe itself in the label, so that's why I created this simple script and shared it in case somebody else is looking for the same. Enjoy.
  • Fixed rounding of price labels, the tick value is now shown
  • New optional setting for hiding price labels

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