Optimised RSI strategy for Reversals (by Coinrule)

The most common way to use the RSI to spot a good buy opportunity is to check for values lower than 30. Unfortunately, the RSI can remain in oversold territory for long periods, and that could leave you trapped in a trade in loss. It would be appropriate to wait for a confirmation of the trend reversal.

In the example above I use a short-term Moving Average (in this case, the MA9) coupled with an RSI lower than 40 . This combination of events is relatively rare as reversal confirmations usually come when RSI values are already higher. As unusual as this setup is, it provides buy-opportunities with much higher chances of success.

The parameters of this strategy would be:

ENTRY: RSI lower than 40 and MA9 lower than the price

TAKE PROFIT and STOP-LOSS with a ratio of at least 2. That means that if you set up a take profit of 3%, your stop-loss shouldn’t be larger than 1.5%.

The advantage of this approach is that it has a high rate of success and allows you the flexibility of setting up the percentages of the take profit and stop-loss according to your preferences and risk appetite.


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