Previous OHLC

The scripts places horizontal levels on your charts indicating the previous Daily, Weekly or Monthly OHLC values over the current timeframe.

Slightly modified version of Nanda86's "Previous OHLC" script. I corrected a couple of bugs and added more control over colors and labels in general. I also removed the hourly OHLCs.
リリースノート: Corrected an error that showed open prices for current day, week or month instead of those of the day, week or month prior. It only affected OPEN prices.
リリースノート: Indicator working on non time-based timeframes now and showing labels by default.
リリースノート: Completely rewritten the script and now it uses lines instead of plots to display its information.
Now you can control in how many days, weeks and months back you want to display their previous OHLC levels, in order not to clutter your chart with too many lines and very old levels. You can also choose how much you want to extend these level lines to the right of the last bar and place (or not) their corresponding label at the end, so that the labels are not too close to it.
Also, labels are now fancier.
リリースノート: Corrected a couple of minor bugs
リリースノート: Correction minor bug preventing to load weekly or monthly levels if the chart resolution is very high. Added modification of old level's end point to current time when creating a new one to compensate for the extension to the right.
NOTE: level extension and label placement a few bars to the right of last bar may behave unpredictably in not time-based charts, because of TradingView limitations. Use 0 or 1 values for extensions.
リリースノート: -Substituted lines for regular Tradingview plots
- Improved general performance
- Added plots for OHLC and MID levels for current day, week and month, besides last day, week and month.
- Added optional informative labels and optional price display
- Added daily, weekly and monthly MID levels
- You can set plot styles to lines and these will display as dashes (no steplines between levels when these change, which was very annoying and the reason why I initially opted to use lines)
リリースノート: OHLC values for current day, week or month will now only be plotted for today, this week or this month.
Tracking price lines are now optional.

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