[RS]Cyclic Interval Average Price

Cyclic interval price averaging at every x bars.
Lines for trend line and intra trend slope(not working as intended).
リリースノート: added automatic cycle detection.
リリースノート: fixed parameter length not being used..
リリースノート: Automatic cycle selection is now optional.
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Hi RicardoSantos as like as others coders in TV, your creations is so unique and I personally very like it. Thanks for your works and your generous shared in public. <3
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Hi Lokksinteresting! could you build it using Ehlers dominant cycle calculation? the one in his perfect RSI/ ideal RSI
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DannyBaker DannyBaker
@DannyBaker, what i mean is is that possible?
RicardoSantos DannyBaker
@DannyBaker, done and updated :), thanks for feed feedback
Is it possible for you to share the source code of the original version that you have prepared first. The recent change have completely messed up this indicator. Yesterday it was working brilliantly with perfect entry and exit.
RicardoSantos Bestnifty
@Bestnifty, updated with optional automatic cycle detection as a configuration parameter.
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