Why does Financial Data differ from other sources?

Financial Data is collected in accordance with GAAP, SEC, and FASB rules and standards. Because of this, it is possible to visually compare data for various financial instruments of companies belonging to different countries and industries for different periods of time.

Our data provider takes into account unique reporting features of different countries and individual companies. Based on data obtained from primary sources (annual and interim company reports) directly attributable to company officers, our data provider takes into account various accounting agreements, including emerging IASC standards.

As our primary provider of Financial Data adjusts the data in accordance with our standardized methods, the Financial Data may not always coincide with the data indicated in the annual or interim report. Therefore, if the standardized numbers that appear on our website are different from the reported ones, this does not mean that they are incorrect. The figures indicated have been adjusted in accordance with the standard accounting procedure.

Why standardize data?

  • Even taking into account GAAP, SEC and FASB accounting requirements, companies have a great deal of latitude in the presentation of financial data.
  • Methods of disclosure vary widely between companies and industries.
  • Companies that report early in the year (i.e., March 2001 for their 2001 fiscal year) can bias comparisons if not properly accounted for.
  • Many countries have their own unique accounting procedures
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