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日足のチャートですし トランプミクス?下への勢いがピタッと止まることもないでしょうから いきなり逆張り!というよりは小さな足で反転の兆しを見てロングが正解なのではないかと…


Hello my friend, I saw this pattern and hopefully I can provide some of my insight.
This is a Bat Pattern on the Daily Chart. If you look at it on the H4 Chart, the B point would be invalid.
However, if you continue to look at the D1 Bat, try and find if there is another Pattern. Here I found an AB=CD Pattern which helps with the confluence.

Target setting on this would be base on structure as 0.382 and 0.618 does not have any structure support.
If you look at the Gap, that would be the preferred area for target. I hope this may help.

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What a fantastic trade, fellow trader; Solid setup!
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