Binance Funding and Premium Index [NeoButane]

A premium index indicator for Binance exclusively. This version includes BTC , ETH, and BNB.

Just like BitMEX, there is a +/- 0.05% clamp with 0.01% being the default. Funding periods occur at 0000 UTC , 0800 UTC , and 1600 UTC .

Binance documentation does not mention a maximum funding rate, so instead there is an option to limit how much is funding/premium is displayed if it is too extreme.

There are alarm conditions that can be set for any coin's premium crossing above or below the set amount as well as visualizations for the premium level set.

Helpful notes:
ETHUSD on BitMEX is a quanto swap and shorting it incurs more risk. That is a partial explanation as to why premiums for ETH swaps are lower on other exchanges. See here for more info:

The final funding rate is derived from the premium index and paying/receiving interest happens only if a position is held. Since interest is handled between traders, you may see significant moves when funding is very high or low.

This is a paid indicator, please DM for access
リリースノート: Updated to be better suited for Binance.
リリースノート: Optimized compile speed, ideal for swapping between timeframes.
There was an issue where final funding rate was mistakenly capped at 0.1%. After looking, Binance truly does not have a cap on final funding rate. I've adjusted to final funding rate to 5%. When bears fly, am I right?
リリースノート: Added a volume weighted premium index
Included XRP to the list
リリースノート: Created signal highlighting for primitive premium deviations. Current filtering performs better on timeframes 1 hour or higher.
リリースノート: - Added alerts on deviations (thanks for the reminders to make reminders)
- Made volume weighted premium index the default. In almost all cases, this is the more accurate option to use
- Changed premium color to be more visible on white backgrounds and better match Binance's theme
- Added YFI to the list
リリースノート: Rebalanced indices
リリースノート: Added raw premium, which shows unfiltered premium extremes. It can aid in identifying reversals. The option 'Raw Premium Display Limit' simply limits how much is viewed.
リリースノート: A lot of cosmetic changes that should help with visibility. Added final funding line, which can be used to judge the funding trend over time. The default raw premium display limit has been changed from 0.075 to 0.35 and is on by default.
リリースノート: Make it load faster and decreased transparency on the raw premium histogram.
リリースノート: Improved daily charting and now has the option to show bar close values only, not values before it closes. That option is called 'Show Premium Values at Bar Close Only' and is off by default for now.
リリースノート: Rollback on the recent update, something broke. Really sorry about the spam!
リリースノート: Rebalanced, viewing is better on the daily
リリースノート: Changed raw premium display limit to 1% to reflect the state of the markets and reweighted.

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Clutch move as Bitmex is losing relevance. Thank you for making this!
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Hey Dad, any chance you could grant me access to the Binance funding? thanks for all your hard work.
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Hi NeoButane, can you allow me to use your index?
Recently discovered your twitter and found this :) Can i try it out ?
i'd love to use this one!
Sir. Pls. Gib.
Hi NeoButane, can you allow me to use your index? :)
hello, can you allow me to use your index? :)
Kindly asking permission to try it out. Cheers.
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