Contrarian Scalping Entry Support

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// @version=3
// Copyright @ ALEX SHORT
// Indicator Name : Contralian Scalping Entry Support
// alpha tester : Norakichi senpai (PRO TRADER)
// alpha tester : SHINNchan (Prop TRADER)

// Special Thanks WBZ Trading Group

// This indicator support "Contralian Scalping Entry" and "Find ideal Take-Profit point that just like Buying or Selling CLIMAX".
// Attension!!! I strongly reccomend to Verify effectiveness before "REAL TRADE".
// Note1. Downtrend often continue compared to uptrend. So, you might have to change DFMA setting for it. Or you should change reasons/grounds for Scalping Long Entry in long DownTrend.
// Note2. Before applying this indicator or switching resolution, please confirm DFMA resolution Setting. It can't chenge automatically.

// Function1. Difference from Moving Average Arrow from Multi_SMA
// This indicator will plot chart Arrow above or below candle stick when DFMA marked over range.
// Function2. When candle touch Quad_Bollinger band, background color will change.
// Function3.

// New Version is "v2.7.1"
1. You can switch Scalping / Swing Mode using by the checkbox. Each DFMA_#1 and #2 can apply different Alert Level.
2. QBB_Circle Alert displaying moved bottom in the main chart.
リリースノート: // New Version Released v2.9.1
bug fixed
リリースノート: Add function.

// Function3.
This indicator analyzes the candle from its shadow, body, and ATR.
リリースノート: Change Reasons for Candle Arrow Alert.
リリースノート: .. Minor Version Up to v3.5.3
○ Change default setting
4B. Length For LSF
4B. Deviation For LSF
リリースノート: Version 3.5.5 released.
1. The new version can specify each EMAs length.
2. The new version can draw the center line of each Bollinger bands.
リリースノート: Version 3.5.9 Released
Added a new function.

When the 1min chart is displaying, every time each 15min, 30min, 1hr or 4hr candlestick decides, this indicator plot "Circle Alert" at the bottom of the main chart.
When the 5min chart is displaying, every time each 1hr or 4hr candlestick decides, this indicator plot "Circle Alert" at the bottom of the main chart.
リリースノート: // Version 3.6 released
Fixed bug about "Alert Candle Confirm".
リリースノート: Version 3.8.1 released
1. The default length of the Moving Average is changed to 75 (DFMA_#1) and 100 (DFMA_#2).
2. From this version, you can choose SMA or EMA for DFMA_#1 and #2 calculation.
リリースノート: Version 3.8.3 released
Using by the pulldown menu, setting Menu made clearly.
リリースノート: Version 4.0.0 released.
1. The new function is available (M_Hist Line).
At the early development, this indicator is developed for "Scalping Entry". So, we prefer to use this indicator less than 30min chart.

However, we can't ignore Swing Trade. In the case of Swing Trade, we focus MACD. MACD Divergence is often function over the 30min chart. And, no only MACD Divergence but also Golden Cross or Dead Cross are important too. We decided to insert the good point of MACD to this indicator.

"M_Hist Line" is revamped of Histogram of MACD. And it is displayed on MAIN Chart. This indicator can draw 3-types "M_Hist Line" which has different resolutions. These are "M_Hist Line #1 ~ #3" and these default resolution are 30, 60, 240min.

> "M_Hist Line #1"
When the main chart display less than 30min resolutions, this M_Hist Line #1 active, then it show 30min of MACD GC/DC Arrow and Histogram Line to the main chart.

> "M_Hist Line #2"
When the main chart display less than 60min resolutions, this M_Hist Line #2 active, then it show 60min of MACD GC/DC Arrow and Histogram Line to the main chart.

> "M_Hist Line #3"
When the main chart display less than 240min resolutions, this M_Hist Line #3 active, it shows 240min of MACD GC/DC and Histogram Line to the main chart.

2. Changed DFMA_#1 default setting.
To focus "Contrarian Scalping Entry", MA type changed to EMA from SMA for DFMA_#1. Its length is also changed to 10 from 100. Alert level too.
We recommend that DFMA_#1 length is a short period such as 10, 25.
However, we know that these setting should change, depend on the time zone. This indicator has extremely high flexibility. So don't stick in the default setting, and find Optimal setting for your trading way.
リリースノート: Version 4.1.1 is released.
1. The new function is available (five type Multi Time Frame EMAs).
2. It added menu: "Automatically Switch QBB_#2 ~ #4 Length According to the Resolution". This function realizes Multi Time Frame QBB #1 ~ #4 of 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min, 240min, Day, Week, Month, when "AUTO" mode active. Whereas, you can specify each length when "Manual" mode active.
リリースノート: Version 4.1.3 is released.
1. From the new version, when AUTO mode active of "3. Switch Magnification According To The Symbol", the following multi-currency is supported. These are "USDJPY", "EURUSD", "EURJPY", "GBPJPY", "GBPUSD", and "AUDNZD".
リリースノート: Version 4.2.0 is released.
1. Bug fixed.
2. It changed the description of the setting menu more easily understandable.
リリースノート: CIP v1.0.0

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