Arbitrage Pulse

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Arbitrage pulse is used to see the big picture.

The Bright Blue Line can not leave our Year Band (Dark Grey Band)

Whenever our money line (Lime green line) crosses that bright blue line good or bad things happen.

Typically our Major line( Orange Line) supports our money line but when it breaks support look out below!
Introducing Pulse Breaker

This is intended to help those longer term swing traders maximize their profits (On the 15 minute Chart)
and for those Die Hard Perma-Bulls To Take Profit when needed.

Anytime the longer term trend breaks alerts will fire to allow you to run before it gets really ugly!

New Breaker Options

We always have choices as to how long you want to stay in a trade.

We also always want to know when a new trend is beginning or ending

Now you have 5 different bands to choose from on any time frame you want to play.

From the minute chart to the monthly maximize your profits by always knowing when it's time to get in or get out

Happy Holidays,
Your Arbitrage Trade Team
Fixed a typo in option choices


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