Williams %R - Smoothed

From TradingView's description:
Williams %R (%R) is a momentum-based oscillator used in technical analysis , primarily to identify overbought and oversold conditions. The %R is based on a comparison between the current close and the highest high for a user defined look back period. %R Oscillates between 0 and -100 (note the negative values) with readings closer to zero indicating more overbought conditions and readings closer to -100 indicating oversold. Typically %R can generate set ups based on overbought and oversold conditions as well overall changes in momentum.

What's special?

This indicator adds two additional EMA lines to the original Williams %R indicator. Default EMA lengths are 5 and 13. The result is 2 smoother average lines, which are easier to read.
This indicator includes:
- signals for EMA crosses. EMA crosses can help indicate confirmed trend changes. Default colors are green and red
- signals for trend reversals on the faster EMA line. Default colors are blue and orange

Alerts available for bullish / bearish crossovers and reversals.

リリースノート: Fixed offset error on crossover arrows:
- changed offset from -1 to 0

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