Librehash Aggressive M.A. Forecast

This indicator is fairly simple in nature, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

The control panel is set up so that you're able to customize the type of MA indicator that you would like to use (HullsMA, SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , Double EMA , etc.)

In addition, traders can also tweak the signal producer so that it fits their given needs on a chart if they feel that the settings are not optimized to produce (but, from what we backtested, we imagine that this won't be a huge necessity).

However, beyond all of this, the biggest feature of this indicator is the fact that it is designed to catch MONSTER gains, hence the name:

Whale Detector System

Below, are two potent examples of this indicator's whale detection capabilities.

In the picture above, we can catch the indicator warning us of a MASSIVE sell off in price. And it appears that it was right.

And here, we can see the indicator warn us of a MAJOR increase in price - to the tune of 600%+ actually.

In fact, it appears that it was able to anticipate the entire bull run, which is almost unprecedented in terms of indicator predictive capabilities go.

If you're interested in this indicator, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience, and I will arrange for you to purchase the indicator.

Thank you.

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