Dynamic Price Cluster

With the Dynamic Price Cluster you can find areas of high commercial interest in any time frame.

Dynamic Price Cluster (DPC) dynamically represent different areas of high commercial interest and it are composed of 3 lines or levels
The set, group or cluster of levels will be maintained as long as the market conditions satisfy or it are in accordance with the current area of commercial interest. Once a new area of commercial interest is generated, a new DPC will be created.

By knowing these areas of high commercial value you will know if the market has a bullish or bearish sentiment, you will know when you are trading for or against the trend and you will be able to manage your operation doing trailing-stop .
If you have any questions, please let me know by private chat.

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Muito interessante. Posso usa-lo?
Hola Ivan, este indicador es muy parecido por no decir idéntico a la caja de boxes que utiliza Juan Villegas en su operativa con el Market Map. Me gustaría tenerlo en mis herramientas, hay alguna forma de obtenerlo. Espero tu respuesta y mucho éxito.
PD: Muy interesantes tus análisi del par BTC/USDT .
Hello Ivan_Sanchez1311, nice works
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