Makenai Chart Strategy Trial


Each hourly foot can display the moving average line for the same period of time in the same color.
The average moving line that you want to see is displayed by time leg, as well as the long-term Bollinger band that should be noticed by the time leg.

1. You can get a lot of useful information at a glance by displaying the moving average line of the long-term and period setting that many traders are aware of.
 ○ The period setting of the moving average line displayed in each time and foot is not fixed as usual, but changed the period by time and foot, and the moving average line of the same color is the same.
  It is a moving average line of time (for example, an hourly average line and a four-hour average line).Therefore, the market price is always the same even if the time to see changes
  You can see it on a scale.It doesn't happen when you look at it in five minutes, but when you look at it in four hours, it looks like a downward trend.

○ The sensitivity of the rate to the moving average line displayed is very high.
  You can see how rate moves, such as trends, are determined, and you can see reality in abstract chart moves
  I can feel it.Purple 24 hours (one day) moving average line with 1 minute to 4 hours of foot, Green 1 week moving average line with 5 minute to day.
  The sensitivity to the Blue Monthly Movement Average Line, which is displayed from 5 mins to 5 weeks, and Red One Year Movement Average Line, which is displayed from 1 hour to 5 weeks, is very high.
  Just look at whether the rates are moving up or down the moving average line and you'll be able to decide what to look for.

○ What is the positional relation between the moving average line of seven (eight in addition to the weekly moving average line) in the short, short, medium, medium, long, and long periods?
  To make the direction and intensity of the trend easier to recognize, it is colored between moving averages to be visible as short- and medium-term clouds.
  The three clouds changed color to warm rising clouds and cold falling clouds, depending on the relation of the moving averages.
  ·Strong upward trend rates when all clouds are unified in either upward or downward direction and are arranged in the order of short-term, medium-term or long-term clouds
  ·The thickness of the clouds is strong, and when the thickness is increased, the trend rate is strong.
  ·Trendless market when clouds overlap or the colors of the clouds are mixed
  • Range price when rates are moving back and forth between clouds
  You can visually and intuitively understand the market conditions, such as .

○ Short-term, short-term, medium- and short-term positional relationships will indicate the timing of the entry payment and the direction of the long-short.It's also written.
  In conjunction with this, the duration for which the background color should be long changes to light warm color and warm color, and the duration for short changes to light cold and cold color.

2. The long-term Bollinger band is displayed so that you can trade with the higher time base than the time base you see.
 ○ You can ride on a long-term trend by detecting and entering the trend occurrence of long-term feet with short-term feet.
  Buy high prices, sell low prices, relax your trend-follow-style tears, and enable stress-free entries.

 ○ A light, transparent gray filter is displayed between the long-term foot Bollinger band ±1σ which sets the period suitable for the time and foot.
  I understand that while the rate is moving in this zone (called gray zone), it is difficult to trend and the price range is small, so it should not be taken care of.
  Yes, you can use this filter to prevent deception when the volatility is not present, and if you are out of the filter, you can use the above sign.
  By trading in accordance, you can invest in trend-follow tiles while avoiding losses in range markets.

○ Bolinger bands generally display six of ±1σ, ±2σ and ±3σ, but in this indicator, two are inside ±1σ and two are outside ±3σ.
  We have added a total of four bands.The former sets up early entries and the latter sets up new reverse positions, expecting a market shift from overheating.
  for tips on how to

 ○ Expansion period (expansion period) due to characteristics of the Bollinger band is a period when volatility is big for trade, and a squeeze period
 (Shrinking period) I understand that the volatility is small and it is not suitable for trade.Also, it's a squeeze period, but it's not
  You can seize investment opportunities by making you expect the timing to move from contraction to expansion and by watching.

※Valid time difference by series

Multi Time : 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes 1 Hour, 4 Hour, Daily, Week (Total 8 Hours)
Long Time Span : 1 hour, 4 hour, daily, 4 long-term
Short Time Span : 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes
Trial (1n & 1h) : 1 min.

 ※See here for details of the indicator and how to use it.

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