MA Cross Ribbon + [RSI,StochRSI,VolOsc,RoC,Compare,Info Panel]

  • Draws all sorts of useful information directly onto the Chart
  • Moving Average Ribbon with configurable offsets
  • Allows you to easily visualize MA Crossovers
  • Easy to view in the Data Window
  • RSI Indicator (Overbought, Oversold, Healthy)
  • Stochastic RSI
  • Volume Oscillator ( Bullish , Bearish , Healthy)
  • Rate of Change Indicator
  • Compare Symbol without adding a new scale (Symbol, Timeframe, Divider)
  • Moving the chart around won't ruin your comparison
  • Allows you to see the general sentiment of all your configured averages at a glance
  • 100% Configurable

If there is anything you would like added please comment, It's very likely I will be adding more things to this.
リリースノート: You can now add up to 3 Comparisons to the chart at once and they will also display on the info panel (Default: 1)
リリースノート: Added ability to change Overbought/Oversold levels on RSI

OS/OB will now show on the chart based on Overbought and Oversold levels

Added Bear/Bull Indicator to the chart, Based on Volume Oscillator

Add Bar Counter to count how many bars closed above open over a period (Green, Red, Difference)

Added Highest High and Lowest Low over a period to the Chart

The period for the Bar Counter and Highest High and Lowest Low are linked.
リリースノート: Added Ability to change Bearish/Bullish levels of the Volume Oscillator.

Will now Show "Bear" or "Bull" on the Chart
リリースノート: Made Overbought/Bearish signals show under the bar with a down arrow
リリースノート: Change defaults and tidied up some things
リリースノート: Added Highest High and Lowest Low to the Panel

Added a new display mode for the Panel called "Colorful" which draws panel lines with color and scales differently,
It is best viewed with "Auto" turned on, The default display mode is still set to "Standard"

In colorful mode, The first line on the panel is drawn at: (HC + LC) / 2) + ((HC + LC) / 2) / 100 * 5)
Each line after that is drawn at: (HC + LC) / 2) - (HC + LC) / 2) / 225 * n)
The location of the lines will scale as you scale the chart.
リリースノート: Colors Selected from the "Input" tab will now match "Colorful" panel mode

In colorful mode, The first line on the panel is drawn at: ((HC + LC) / 2) + ((HC + LC) / 2) / 100 * 5)
Each line after that is drawn at: ((HC + LC) / 2) - ((HC + LC) / 2) / 225 * n)
リリースノート: Small addition to make sure the "Colorful" panel clears properly
リリースノート: Colorful Panel tweaks again
リリースノート: Added Super Trend Indicator (ATR)
Added Super Trend to both Panels
リリースノート: Both Panels will render better now and should clear properly.
リリースノート: -
リリースノート: Data Window shows "Support" and "Resistance" now instead of Plot (SuperTrend)
リリースノート: You can now Multiply the Comparison instead of Dividing (In cases where price is the other way around)
リリースノート: Add the option to color candles by Volume with Clear settings and the option to Enable/Disable it
Bearish Volume -
Average Volume -
Weak Volume -
Weak Volume +
Average Volume +
Bullish Volume +
Enabled by Default
リリースノート: Added Option to Hide Moving Averages on Chart and Panel
Added Volume Flow Indicator and Options to Panel (Addon for VFv3)
リリースノート: Output Precision now affects the volume output
Moved some settings around
リリースノート: Small change to hopefully clear labels faster
リリースノート: Changed how output is cleared, If you experience ghosting on the panel you can change the timeframe to fix it.
Fixed a memory leak (hopefully)
リリースノート: Reverted last update
リリースノート: Re-added above changes
リリースノート: Notes
リリースノート: Notes