Williams % Range overlay mini plot

twingall Premium アップデート済   
Plots Williams Percent Range over bought/oversold indicator as a small overlay in top right corner.
De-clutter chart when all you're interested in is the real-time W%R to 'give permission' to enter a trade.
i.e. to remove the Williams %R lower pane from the above chart completely.

~~User Inputs~~
~W%R length
~Number of bars to show (default is last 6 bars)
~Plot offset (horizontal position of the plot; can be negative)
~Line color and thickness
~Show/hide plot title

~in line 26, edit the multiplier (3*), to compress/expand the vertical size of the plot
リリースノート: Added multi-timeframe support: Choose two higher timeframes to plot adjacent to the current timeframe plot
リリースノート: fixed spacing issue
リリースノート: option to show HTF or only show single plot (current timeframe)
リリースノート: cleaned up formatting options to allow for minimalist view

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