☑️Ichimoku Analyzer

☑️Ichimoku Analyzer

-This indicator automatically analyzes the Ichimoku conditions.

- Long and Short signals.

- Allows you to add an MA filter.

-Works in any timeframe or market like Forex, Crypto, Commodities even Stocks.

-Recommended manual trading and bots.

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Get this indicator today! contact us.

Telegram channel:

リリースノート: V2.0

-Safe Mode Available!

With Safe Mode:

Without Safe Mode:
リリースノート: V2.1
リリースノート: V2.2
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Can I possibly get access to the Ichimoku Analyzer? Thanks,
hye bro , watching your TV profile scripts ,looks good - is they work with Bitmex pairs ? can i get trial access ?

can we talk on TV chat - i had msg u chkk bcz
m not using telegram
Hello .. Can I possibly get access to the Ichimoku Analyzer? Thanks,
Could I get access to your to the Ichimoku Analyzer... thanks.
HI VerticaltradersIndicators;

Can I please get access to the Ichimoku Analyzer; Thanks!
Hello nice to meet you, can get access to use the Ichimoku Analyzer? I think might help me with my trades. Thanks.
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