ETF Holdings and Sectors [SS]

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Made this fun little indicator.

It is another showcase one, just demonstrating the ETF library that contains the top 10 holdings of various US-based ETFs, as well as a breakdown by sector.

The indicator is defaulted to auto settings. This means it will automatically populate with ETF data when you are on that ETF chart. If you are on another chart, it will disappear for which no information is available, it will disappear. (Note, it is also programmed to recognize the leveraged share versions, such as TNA, TZA, SPXL, UPRO, etc.)

However, there is another cool little function it does, which is, it will search all available ETFs in the database to find if any of them hold the ticker you are on and, if so, what percentage of the ETF is invested in that particular ticker.

We can look at some examples:






And if you are on a chart that is neither an ETF or is not found in any of the databases, the indicator disappears:

It made it so you could leave it running in the background and it would do its thing.

You can also choose to manually search through the available ETFs in the list.

Another function is, that when you are on the ETF itself, it will display the past 252 (1 trading year) day return. You can modify this to any amount of days you would like in the settings.

All of the settings are customizable. You can choose what you want and don't want to be plotted.

That's the indicator in a nutshull, just something fun and interesting to play around with.

Hope you enjoy!

Safe trades everyone and thanks for reading!

Updated the library with more, less popular ETFs from other sectors such as gaming.

Also added the addition of being able to search by sector, so you can see which ETFs hold each sector and the composition of the ETF in that sector.

For example:

Optimized the code so it was not laggy.
I threw the search functions into a separate public library and have the indicator call the library arrays only when the specific ETF is selected.

It makes the code much faster, more responsive and reduces the lag :-).
Bug fix.
Added to library.
Added functionality to search by interest (i.e. gaming, computing, telco, etc).

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