Volume Analysis

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*Sourced code from Volume Flow v3 by oh92 for Bull\Bear volume flow calculations. Thank you so much for your engineering skills!

This indicator integrates the Ma-over-MA crossover strategy in oh92's V3 DepthHouse calculation with a volume-over-MA
calculation to further narrow down "Areas of Interest" levels for a potential re-test zone to the right of the chart.

I added a Moving Average calculation for a multi-level cloud and further broke down more conditions to highlight both
volume flow crossover on the High and Extreme High MA's and also high and extreme high volume spikes on set period average
without bull\bear conditions. Original Bull/Bear Spikes are still viewable although that was the only plot from oh92's script
that was integrated.

Session backgrounds set for research purposes.

Please note: Setting MA Cloud to "None" will remove all plots calculated with the MA Cloud from the chart entirely. Turn off visuals
in the Style tab.
リリースノート: = Updated to color the candles that the volume spike happens on with the color of the spike. Colors in style menu can be changed or turned off.
リリースノート: Cleaner code and better chart example.

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