Electrified Momentum Signal (Prototype)

This indicator uses an ensemble of different indicators to help in identifying significant changes in momentum.
It's time-frame is constant and is based up on the length of the configurable period. This allows for a consistent signal across multiple time-frames.

This is not a buy or sell signal but can be used for alerts to indicate a change in momentum that might be worth paying attention to.
If looking for an long entry point, a negative (red) value can signal "don't buy yet" or may simple mean "it's risky". In a similar way if looking for a short, a positive (green) value can signal "not now".

Note: "Electrified" does not mean this has anything to do with electric vehicles or the power grid. :P
  • Eliminated repainting.
  • Updated value names.
リリースノート: Added signal default alert conditions.
リリースノート: Updated copyright and screenshot.

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