Financial Astrology Neptune Declination

We don't know much about the impact of Neptune declination in the financial markets but if we infer the effect of Neptune traveling toward the zero declination we can assume that the effects of illusion, inflation, scams and economic bubble could growth during the next decade giving raise to the super bubble of the blockchain industry. Only future data will give us a hint of interpretation of Neptune declination cycles, perhaps in a decade, PineScript and web clients have evolved enough so we can load 100 years of declination data to analyse the behaviour in major US indexes that provide enough years of data for a more deep study.

Note: The Neptune declination indicator is based on an ephemeris array that covers years 2010 to 2030, prior or after this years the speed is not available, this daily ephemeris are based on UTC time so in order to align properly with the price bars times you should set UTC as your chart timezone.


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