Renko Acceleration

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Renko is a very useful charting method for analyzing stock movement. It does a great job of filtering out all the excess noise so that all we're left with is pure price action. But, what about time? Time is a fundamental part of chart analysis and we are only seeing part of the picture. After all, shouldn't we take a very different approach to trading signals from a block that renders in 2 seconds as opposed to a block that renders in 30 minutes?

This indicator provides the best of both worlds, enabling us to correlate the passing of time with price movement and clearly see when squeezes and breakouts occur.

As the indicator turns up to green we can see that volatility is on the move and the market is accelerating (breakout), and as it turns down to red the market is stagnating (squeeze). There is also an alternate 'Precise' view which renders the exact time per block for more granular analysis.
リリースノート: Remove smoothing from 'Precise' mode.

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