[eternal] Elder Ray Bull and Bear Power Oscillators

Elder Ray is an indicator that displays Bull Power and Bear Power at the same time.
This indicator is a modified indicator of Elder Ray.
Setting eternal = False and sommozing Period = 1 will be the same as Elder Ray.
Since the eternal option is a definite signal option, it does not disappear even if the value of close changes if a signal comes out.
In other words, when a signal comes out, it is premised to trade immediately, and the signal comes out at the moment when the bar is updated.
The signal of this indicator seems to be weak in the range market due to its operating principle.
(It seems that the author wanted to try a definite signal)

* It has not been verified whether or not you can finally win, so please use it after individual income and expenditure verification.

Elder RayはBull Power, Bear Powerを同時に表示したインジケーターです。
このインジケーターはElder Rayを改造したインジケーターです。
eternal = False, sommozing Period = 1に設定すると Elder Rayと同じものになります。
eternal オプションは確定シグナルオプションなので、シグナルが出ればcloseの値が変化しても消えることはないです。

リリースノート: UPDATE: I made the current bar move and fixed only the signal.
UPDATE: 現在のバーを動くようにして、シグナルのみを確定にした。
リリースノート: add: View Pseudo square root scale mode