[HTI2] Hiubris Trend Indicator 2

Hiubris_Indicators アップデート済   
This is the Study version of the Hiubris Trend Indicator 2 (Used for Alerts)

After testing several strategies for months and comparing them to the standard 'Buy and Hold' method, we've found the best performing strategy for BTCUSDT
We simplified it to make it more user-friendly (We've only added 1 optional exit: a % SL) and left all the inputs adjustable, so it can be optimized for ANY pair!

This is a Trend Indicator! This means that the '% Profitable Trades' is not the main focus, but catching every trend swing. When trying to catch every trend swing, naturally alot of the them might be unprofitable, especially in sideways markets. The idea behind this strategy is to catch all the significant trend movements, which are alot more profitable than all the 'sideway market' losses

This indicator is fully adjustable and matches exactly the published strategy!

  • The user has the option to setup alerts for all chart signals (Entries, Re-Entries, Stop-Loss)

- Added SL, TP, Trailing SL
- Added custom optional Entry Filters : ROC, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, Moving Average, Awesome Oscillator, Fisher

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