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CHOPORSI is a multiindicator.

This indicator help You to recognize potential in or out singal.

Base singals are from Choppines, RSI , AND DMI indicators.

It is a combination of 3 separate indicators like choppines RSI and DMI.

Then our new indicator see like bellow on next image.

Yellow line is sum of CHOP index and RSI , in this case we can say its a CHOPORSI Index.

Green line is DMI- line , this show us strength of sell position on the market.

We schould use other signals, like LSMA 50/100 to improve trend changing. Like on next picture.

Now how this indicator works?

Yellow line is the sum oF Chop and RSI value - 50.
Max and minimum value of CHOP and RSI are the same from 0 to 100.
We have sum of them.
Our minimum signal is 0+0-50=-50
maximum signal is 100+100-50= 150

Most times if both of tem are on top level ( then we have 150) the trend is chanhing from bullish to bearish .
The same way if the RSI ist on 0 and chop is over 50 ( then we have index 0 ) wee changing the tren from bearish to bullish .
Off course it not every time. We see other signals, to take our risk self not sugested by some art of indicators.

But if we are abowe topline, witch is set to 85 we can sey, we have have oversold signal.
Underline 30 isour potentialy buy signal.
Midrange 50 is mostly trand changin line.

This valu of top, mid bottom line you can change on the setting.

Every Coin have another level of this lines, and need to be checked individual to the coin.

Standard, settings are set fo timeframe : 12 min. 24 min, 1H and 4 H >

Blue crosses signalize possibilities trend changing.

This picture shou us how this indicator works.

Buy long signal : If yellow line is mostly at the bottom and green mostly on the top.

Sell long signal l. Yellow -top , green -bottom.

The Green line is from Directional Movement Index and is - DI line. Its show us selling trend. even higher position then mor sell of .

Standard value of CHOPPINES is 14 , works fin on 1H and abowe also wit the value of 28

Standard value for RSI AND -DI unchanging 14.

I tjink this is a simplu helpfull indycator.


Signal, schould be confirmed with other indicators like MA, EMA even better with LSMA .

Please try it an make only paper trading, to undertand how its realy works.

Thank You!


Improove sensivity.
Modified by ipuls K from StochRSI indicator.

Works exacly the same way, but smoother, and easier.
Newest version of Choporsi.

Red line - selers strenght
Green line - buyers strenght
Blueline - price movement.

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