HLC True Strength Indicator (with Vix)

HLC True Strength Indicator Volume Weighted with Vix Line by SpreadEagle71

This indicator is a True Strength Indicator with Close, High and Low used together, along with the TSI of the Vix.

The white line is the close. The red line is the lows and the blue is the highs. These are also volume-weighted.
How to Interpret:

  • 1. zero line crosses. If SPY/SPX500 crosses the zero line, then its bullish. If the purple Vix line crosses up, watch out because this is bearish.

    2. white/blue/red lines cross purple (Vix). If they cross upwards, this is bullish. If downward, this is bearish. Basically, SPX, ES1!, SPY or even DIA can be used. The security and the Vix should travel in opposite directions and cross the zero-line at the same time. But this is not always the case.

    3. Black area infills. These are used between the close and the highs (blue) and the lows(red). Close should not be between these in order to have momentum.

    4. Close (white line) leads. Close is the last price so it tends to show where the others (highs and lows) are going. If the close is sagging below a high where the blue lines are on top, this could mean that there is a reversal coming. Same holds true for a white line above a "valley" formed by the blue and red lines; it could mean a reversal to the upside soon.

    5. The Black Infill areas as a squeeze or contraction/expansion area. The thinner the black infill areas, the more of a momentum "squeeze" could be present. Wide black infill areas mean increased volatility and what may come next is a reversion to the mean for volatility. See TTM Squeeze Indicator or the Squeeze Momentum Indicator (kudos LazyBear).

Lastly, just remember indicators indicate; they are not magic. :)


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