Harmonic auto-detect [PRO]

Automatically detects and visually displays Harmonic patterns ,
from small ZigZag to large ZigZag .

17 types of Harmonic patterns are supported.
Pattern5-0 / 3Drive / AB=CD / Gartley / Butterfly / Bat / A Bat / Crab / Deep Crab /
Cypher / A Cypher / Shark / Nenstar / A Nenstar / Dragon / Black Swan / White Swan

The alert function allows you to be alerted when a Harmonic pattern is detected.

Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator.
リリースノート: Updates:
- Added the function to display Fibonacci retracements when a pattern is detected.
(Display ON / OFF and color can be changed with Input parameter)
- Increased maximum display of ZigZag line from 9 to 18
- Changed line and text colors to be selectable from the Trading View color widget.
- Changed to be able to select the line width.

このスクリプトへのアクセスは作者が許可したユーザーに制限されており、通常はお支払いが必要です。お気に入りに追加することはできますが、許可を申請して作者が許可した後でなければ使用することはできません。 詳細については HarmonicLab にお問い合わせいただくか、以下の作者の指示に従ってください。



If you would like to use this script, please see here: https://harmoniclab.info/


注: アクセス権をリクエストされる前にご覧ください


+17 返信
what time frame does this runs on?
+14 返信
Please provide me the access of pro indicator on: deveshverma0493
+5 返信
-----From the publisher of this tool-----
We do not reply to this comment section.
For details, please refer to the URL of "Contact:" at the top of this comment section.
+3 返信
What is the Meaning of number coming in( free demo) pattern. eg FIND GARLEY PATTERN 5 ,pl let us know
+1 返信
Could be very useful :) Can i please get access?
+1 返信
Hello, I bought it for 1 month. Would you allow access
HI, can I get a trial for 7 days, just to know its working before signing up. thanks
Hi, can you please give me an access!
Hello, how would I get permission? :)
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