Synoptic Advanced Bands w/Gauss

Advanced 9 value band engine with Gaussian option. Includes ALMA , DEMA , EMA , Gauss, HMA , KAMA , LSMA , RMA, SMA , SMMA , TEMA , VWMA , WMA as options for the band engine.

  • Three color themes built in, switch between them with a drop down box in the inputs tab, customize them on the style tab.
  • Change source, length for band engine.
  • Five band modes, including Bollinger Mode, Custom Mode, Fibonacci Mode, Gaussian Mode, and Normal Mode.
  • Factor setting for normal (equidistant) and compounding in band calculation.
  • Offset option
  • Gaussian core can be shown at all times, even when using a non-Gaussian band engine, and includes reduced lag, and fast response mode, as well as the option to adjust the core multiplier and poles for the Gaussian calculations.
  • Bollinger settings can be locked to the band settings or set independently for standard deviation.
  • All custom settings for ALMA , KAMA , LSMA , DEMA , TEMA available including some new ones.
  • Custom alerts can be set within the inputs tab, then activated through the regular alerts dialog.
  • 40 programmable presets for band settings.
  • Over 1000 configurations possible for the main settings, many many more if counting minor adjustments.

Great for support/resistance , predicting major moves, trend change/direction, targets, assessing volatility etc.

Access available, please message for more info. If you already have access and need help with configuration, or have a bug to report please get in touch with me.
Jan 21
リリースノート: v1.1 Update
  • Added Wide Bands with defaults tuned to btc long term logarithmic scale
  • Added Vertical Shift
  • Style tweaks
  • Several bug fixes
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Is your indicator free to test out? Would like to test it. Thanks
Can I try this indicator?
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