[NLX-L2] Fisher Stochastic Center of Gravity (v4)

- Fisher Stochastic Center of Gravity-

This is Fisher's Stochastic Center of Gravity converted to pine v4 by blackcat. A very powerful entry indicator!
The original was published by DasanC & EmpiricalFX and it's a very interesting take on FSCG.
All the credit for the indicator goes to the authors and inventor of FSCG, this is just a mod to be used with my NLX Modular Trading Framework.

- How to Use -

1. Add a Trend Indicator likeTrend Index MTF to your chart
2. Add " Fisher Stochastic Center of Gravity" Indicator to your Chart and select the Trend Index MTF with Type L1 in the Settings as Source
2. Add the Backtest to your Chart and select the FSCG Signal with Type L2 as Source

- Alerts for Automated Trading -
See my signature below for more information. Contact me for the Alert module.

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