Simple Moving Mode


While this indicator is the first of it's type and has never been built before, it is as fundamental as a moving average!
The code complexity was very high which is the primary reason this has not been done before.
The indicator operates in real-time and does not change after it has been plotted as it has been coded in the latest Pinescript V3 meaning that it is fully functional for trading!

Understanding the Simple Moving Mode (SMMO)

By definition, the mode is the value within a set of data that occurs the most often. This makes it different to an average or median. In this context, the “Period” of the moving mode defines how many candlesticks should be used in the data set.

Once the period of data has been defined, the most commonly occurring price within that set must be determined. Unfortunately, the event of any high, low, or closing value of a time stamp being the same is infrequent as many securities trade to the precision of at least two decimal places. To overcome this, the middle value represents each candlestick in the data set and a user defined precision factor has been created labelled, Range.

Setting this value to zero will mean that each value within the period must be the same, while setting this value to “1” will allow for +/-0.5% between the values, making modal occurrences more common. If a mode does not occur within a set, the indicator will automatically plot the candle value.

Indicator Utility

The Simple Moving Mode has many different applications. While price action can be used as a point of reference when trading with the indicator, it is recommended to pair the SMM with other indicators to create points of interest.

Remember, the mode will only change when another more commonly occurring value presents itself. For this reason, the SMM appears as a Step-Line. This indicator works as a perfect representation of a Moving Mode with a defined period. Any indicator that is plotted as a smoothed or curved line is NOT MODAL.

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Right now, the script only caters to a period length of 1 to 50. If there is enough interest, I will continue to finish up to a period length of 200 (this will probably be another 1000 lines of code).

Happy Trading!

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