DiNapoli Bundle Overlay (4-in-1)

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DiNapoli Overlays 4-in-1 is a Bundle that includes the 4 studies used by DiNapoli in the price chart in just 1 single indicator:

This Bundle version includes the following features:
  • Ability to select multiple Overlay Studies to be plotted: Colored Candles, MacdP, OscP, DMAs
  • Show/Hide each indicator
  • Show/Hide each DMA
  • Plot Stop Grabbers
  • Set OB/OS Oscillation Period
  • Set OB/OS Factor Ratio to each Market
  • Show OB/OS Levels
  • Show Preceding OB/OS Cloud

For convenience it also includes Custom Alerts. Now it is possible to get alerts on:
  • Signal DiNapoli Cycle Shift
  • New DiNapoli Bull Cycle
  • New DiNapoli Bear Cycle
  • Signal DiNapoli Cycle Strength
  • DiNapoli Bull Cycle Strength
  • DiNapoli Bear Cycle Strength
  • Signal DiNapoli Cycle Weakness
  • DiNapoli Bull Cycle Weakness
  • DiNapoli Bear Cycle Weakness
  • MACDP Cross
  • MACDP Bullish Cross
  • MACDP Bearish Cross
  • Stop Grabber
  • Bullish Stop Grabber
  • Bearish Stop Grabber
  • OverBought Condition
  • Entering OverBought Condition
  • Exiting OverBought Condition
  • OverSold Condition
  • Entering OverSold Condition
  • Exiting OverSold Condition
  • DMA Cross
  • Bullish DMA Cross
  • Bearish DMA Cross

This indicator is meant to be used by professional traders.
If you would like to subscribe, please send me a private message.
  • Indicator Parameters are now open for customization.
  • Ability to plot the indicators in multiple timeframes.
  • Simpler and more organized Input Tab.
  • Internal code updates.
  • To avoid misreadings when plotting the indicator from a custom timeframe, the label automatically gets displayed informing about that fact. This feature can be deactivated by unchecking the field "Force Label on Custom Timeframe".
  • Added color pickers to be able to change both the candle and the ticker color for each market condition.
  • Input Tab reorganization.

I develop indicators meant to be useful, profitable and good looking.

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If you'd like to subscribe to this indicator, please send me a Private Message.


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