Multi-time RSI and BB

First of all the main idea of this script is from Mr.sixamo who is one of the most talented technical trader in Japan.

For the purpose of creating this script is to support scalpers or traders who are planning to trade within one day, so Multi RSI and Multi BB show current leg, 15 min leg, 60 min leg, and 240 min leg values. Due to the limitation of pine script, both script should be applied only current leg or longer. Therefore, for example, when you open 60 min leg chart, only current min, 60 min, 240 min leg value will be shown and this logic cannot be changed never until pine will be upgraded.

Anyway, I hope this will be helpful for all of short-term trader.

リリースノート: Changed each RSI values to two decimals, and RSI label to smaller
リリースノート: fix some script which is set unexpected value range and add new functions, such as number of decimals to be shown in RSIs and 3 MAs which user can choose whether it will be plotted or not.

Have a lot fun!
リリースノート: Differences from previous version is written below.

Add new RSI based on 5 min leg chart closed price.
Add new conditions which you can choose whether including current RSI for box highlighting and 240 min RSI. Latter condition is taken in account only when you show less than 60 min leg chart.
Shifted the place of RSI value is shown to right side and each can change the location based on future leg by using a new condition in the bottom.

Changed the color of Bollinger Band for 60 min and 240 min.
リリースノート: Fixed compile error and change Bollinger bands only to show 1 different time frame's one.
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