ArkWork:: Switchable MA Package

This indicator add many EMA (or SMA ).
Each EMA switchable to SMA .

Q. How many?
A. It’s 10 EMA .

Q. How much does it cost?
A. 600 JPY or other.

Q. How to buy.
リリースノート: added comment in code.
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This is free.
TradingView can't update access, I repost indicator.

Look dude, what are you trying to sell?
ArkWork everget
@everget, Very simple indicator.
Each switchable EMA to SMA.(many EMA in one Indicator)
Util for TradingView Free Plan User.
(and I wanted to test of invitation only indicators)

I will release free indicators to many people in the future.
...of course. It's maybe little fancy indicator than this.

Uhhh, I don't speak English well.
Even if I receive a reply, I maybe can't reply.

* Please don't care, if there is a funny my response. sorry.
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