Arkads Help

This is a tool used to help inexperienced traders get successful trades. I accept tips as i will continue to update this tool. Thank you. Apply it to the chart, and follow the buy and sell signals. i will continue to update this, making it more accurate and adding more features. Using this with your own TA will make it unstoppable. Buy on signals on trendlines , sell at top. With more updates, i will lessen the amount of signals to make them stronger.

/// BTC --- 1PSWjCpPXQ3uHjdVUJWR5y2Q6aCa3X8Jog
/// XRP --- rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh TAG 107248818
/// TRX --- TEjoZ3qnGxqZBLAfn7z9iAkhjV79MV3F5h
/// ETH --- 0xf5fb4c8e9ff6bf3f0df1648ab4a355b199611c91
リリースノート: Updated version of Arkad's Help to included better Buy and Sell Signals. Follow the signals and you wont lose any trades. Arkad's Guidance is a personal script that includes scalp buying such as buying dips and selling temporary Highs. That script is for sale. DM me on twitter @CryptoArkad.

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