Best TradingView Strategy - For NASDAQ and DOW30 and other Index

The script is totally based on momentum , volume and price. We have used :
1: Bollinger Band Squeezes to know when a breakout might happen.
2: Used Moving Averages( SMA and EMA ) to know the direction.
3: The success Rate of this strategy is above 75% and if little price action is added it can easily surpass 90% success mark.
4: Do not worry about drawdowns , we have implemented trailing SL ,so you might see a little extra drawdown but in reality its pretty less.
5: I myself have tested this strategy for 41 days with a 250$ account and right now I have 2700$.
リリースノート: Few minor bug fixes.
リリースノート: Few minor value changes to increase profits , % of profitable trades and reduce drawdown.
PS(**Important**) : 1 : Use this strategy on any index chart like DOW , NASDAQ , NIFTY50 etc but the best returns are when you use it on 5 minutes chart.
2 : Combine it with support resistance trend lines and results are mind boggling.
リリースノート: Performance Enhancement and Increased profitability.
リリースノート: Reducing number of false trades

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